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Friday, November 03, 2006


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Be there or be square


The clock began running at 12:23 a.m. on October 31, it ran 60 hours stopping at 12:23 November 2. Pauline Jane Wolff died December 23, 1996. We miss you Paul

Thursday, November 02, 2006


My son Robert called last night. We were telling him about the upcoming radio interview with Gabreael on her A Glimpse Through The Veil radio program November 8th at 9:00 p.m. eastern. Corda told him about the buzzing in her ears she awoke to yesterday, and grandmas' clock which had decided to run without being wound. To tell the whole story, the clock, after Corda’s parents house had been closed up for 3 years, decided to chime when Corda walked into the room the clock was in, in their Florida house, before bringing it here to Michigan. "About that house," Robert drawled, " I tole ya so, I tole ya so, I tole ya so. When we stay there I won’t sleep in David’s room, ‘cause I keep floating up from sleeping on the couch and floating into the hallway where something tries to pull me into Dave’s room, but I won't let it take me and I float back to the couch. It happens a couple times a night when we’re there". Dave, when he’s home on leave from the Navy, doesn’t sleep in his room. He says that he wakes up pinned against the wall. Our granddaughter, it’s her room now, sleeps very well but sleeps up tight against the wall that Dave use to find himself pinned against. And a few times a night she bangs hard on the wall. When Corda saw the 6 foot shadow come from the hallway to the bedrooms and bath, walk into the livingroom, stop, turn and look at her on the couch, then walk into the furnace, we called Gabreael. Gabreael told us that she thought Corda was either attracting the spirits or manifesting them, possibly due to the stress she was suffering from. And it’s only November, the veil is just begun to thin. It’s going to be an interesting winter, I think

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


When I posted ALL HALLOWS EVE I assumed that Corda had wound the clock. It was still ticking away, by gar! It is now 10:30 p.m. Wednesday November 1st. The clock continues to chime at random half hour intervals, and is keeping perfect time, something it had a hard time doing when we use to wind it! By the way, she did not wind the clock, nor has anyone else here. Anyone alive anyway!

Radio Show Update

this link has all the information on tonights radio broadcast, including the link for the live chat room

A Glimpse Throuogh The Veil

A Glimpse Through The Veil Radio Show Premiers Tonight. Clik on this link

Gabreaels guest tonight is Julie Adair of North Carolina Paranormal Investigations. 9:00 p.m. eastern. I will be her guest on Nov. 8th.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Hallows Eve

"‘cause it just hasn’t gotten weird enough for me yet", Hunter Thompson.
The veil must certainly be thin, we’re in between moon phases that are conducive to spiritual encounters, the geomagnetic field is quiet, yet Corda woke up to voices moving at breakneck speed at 5:19 a.m. yesterday. Like Alvin and the chipmunks played at 78 r.p.m. might be a good way to describe the sound. I heard them the night I said goodbye to the Harsens Island Haunted House. We had sold the place and I went to ask the spirits there if there was anything they wanted to say to me, since I wouldn’t be coming back. It was daytime. I had been visiting late at night to take pictures the past few months. I’d leave my job at the club, drive to Sans Souci, enter the house in the dark, go up the stairs, open the attic door and sit down on the bed with my camera and wait to get creeped out. I began praying before I pulled into the driveway. Prayer had been the only weapon I had that worked against the house. When I felt totally creeped out, I’d take a few pix. Now it was broad daylight, I felt the house’ gaze upon me blocks before getting there. Up to my usual spot outside the attic, I sat down and asked, "do you have anything that you want to say to me, I’ve sold the house and won’t be back again." My ears picked up a faint buzz that sounded like a mosquito near my ear. The buzzing grew louder, like a fly, a bee, a bumble bee, then it was inside my head. I began to pray out loud in earnest. The voices were unrelenting though, louder and louder the buzzing in my head got until I could feel the pressure building inside my head. I began to wonder if there was any chance of doing damage to myself and decided to leave before finding out. I started to bolt for the door but thought better of it and walked calmly to the door, the crescendo still building in my ears. Once in the van I got scared, the pressure and noise was continuing to build, I started my vehicle and put the van in reverse. I couldn’t drive in this condition so I looked around the van to see what had accompanied me from the attic, there was nothing I could see. I eased the van back into park but stopped short of shutting the engine off. After about 5 minutes the ringing began to subside. I left the Harsens Island Haunted House for the last time. That was my experience, Corda was woken up twice with a buzzing in her ears. Later the same day, I was watching Most Haunted Live around midnight when the grandmother clock on the buffet began to chime, the clock read 4:30. I wondered why Corda had wound the clock and not set the time. The clock hasn’t been wound in 5 months. At 1:30 I went to bed. There were sounds all over the house, sounds like someone walking on the roof, creaking from every corner of the house and at 2:30, I was still awake. Corda got up and I said to her "is that you? There sure are a bunch of noises in the house tonight", "of course it’s me" she replied and as she laid back down the clock began to gong, 10 times it gonged. When we got up this morning it was still working, the pendulum swinging to and fro, the clock, as yet still unwound. We talked about the events during the night and she set the clock, it read 3:30 when we got up, which made no sense, at least to the living, and it’s keeping perfect time. The clock is very old, made in Germany and belonged to Cordas’ spinster aunts, who probably got it from Cordas’ grandmother.


I am here to tell you that the radio broadcast, "Haunted Voices" with guest Gabreael last night was the most fun I have ever experienced on-line. In the radio shows chat room listeners were able to direct questions to host Todd Bates. He also took phone calls, one which earned listener Darla, instant star status. Starla? Gabreael shined in the guest position handling all the demonology questions professionally, drawing on her extensive knowledge base. Host Todd was amazed, as was I, when the hour came to an end. Time really flew by, and it was such a great show, that he kept the call-in open and Gabreael answered questions in the chat room. And I’m pretty sure it was Gabreael that started the whole sign-in with a Halloween name thing, which was hilarious. The guest list grew to so many that it locked up the chat room bringing an end to what was truly a fun night of radio. I highly recommend Todds’ show Haunted Voices, which has a special all night Halloween broadcast beginning at 8:00 eastern.

Monday, October 30, 2006


This link will take you to Haunted Voices Radio program featuring guest Gabreael tonight at 9:00 eastern. Please listen.
A note from Gabreael:
Check Me Out Monday October 30th On Haunted Voices Radio!

I will be on Haunted Voices Radio Monday night discussing Demonology on October 30, 2006 live at 9:PM EST, 8:PM CST, 7:PM MNT, 6:PM PST.

To listen to the show live please go to and click on the Winamp icon Monday, October 30th at 9:PM EST. You can also click on their live chat to the right on the Haunted Voices Website to participate in the show.

Have A Great Halloween All!


Thursday, October 26, 2006


A medium that visited the house while we were auctioning a ‘night in a haunted house’ on Ebay said that one of the spirits she contacted was the builder of the house and he had died waiting for his family to come from the old country. He had a very strong attachment to this house, a lot of pride in the home he had built for his family. Another entity that mediums contacted was an old sea captain, and yet another said that a man who lived there near the turn of the century killed at least 1 woman in the house and possibly more. The only consensus among the paranormal investigators that contacted spirits in the house, was the child. One medium said the childs’ name was Timmy and he had been run over by a car driven by his uncle. There was a voice that only said "it hurts", and a woman that did not live there but visited and mabey worked in the house. The E.V.P.s captured include, "pump room" a small room under the stairs, "I’m gonna do it every chance I get", recorded while a medium was scratched from neck to tailbone, "turn the damn camera off" cackled by a truly evil voice, and "I love bein’ in cars, eh"from an apparent Canadian ghost. Tana Hoy a well known spiritualist from Columbus Ohio, captured an arm coming through the attic door grabbing at a lady in his group. 2 mediums, one from Ohio and 1 from Canada told me on the phone that they would not come to Harsens Island. Why? It’s not a "good" area. It is a good area, crimewise. And safety had never been an issue. I think they were referring to the number of spirits that are here, or to the area, physically. The island has fast moving water surrounding it and a limestone layer that carries an electrical charge due to the waters movement. I believe that the island has a number of Ley Lines. Intersections of Ley lines especially near water have been reported to be areas that are prone to disturbances, and, or, are portals. . It lies on an ancient trail used by Indians for 10,000 years.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


A new site dedicated to ORBS is up and running at


Robert came down the stairs in a hurry. " Ma, can I change rooms?" Even I took notice this time, he had asked the same question before. "You’re not wearing that to school," said ma. " Dad, can I switch rooms with David?" " Eat your breakfast, did you get your homework done," I avoided the question. Dave had sanded mud in the upstairs bedroom at the end of the stairs for weeks. I’m not much of a mudder, there may be those who’d disagree with that but when it comes to muddin’ drywall I suck. It is the largest bedroom in the house with beveled ceilings on 2 sides, a window on the west end, and walk-in closets on either side of the stairway landing. All of it drywall but the window and the built-in dressers on the south side of the room. Dave had asked if he could have that room and I saw it as a way to get out of a ton of sanding. "Sure Dave, you help finish it up and the room is yours". I never figured he’d actually do it. Both his older brothers made themselves scarcer than hens’ teeth when I was lookin’ for help around the house, but Dave still liked helping dad. To be fair, both his brothers had more years of helping dad. There were always projects going on in and out of the house. And there was the woodstove. A fire belching bottomless pit that had to be fed constantly through the long island winters. All 3 of the boys had to bring in wood twice a day, and they hated it. Can’t really blame them. They do blame me for buying a house with a furnace and a thermostat as soon as they moved out on their own though. The musical chairs/rooms music had stopped again. Terry never complained about his room on the east end of the 2nd floor. Well, he complained about the drafts, but that was the reason for the drywall job. Sealing up all the leaks in the house was a constant. When you live on an island the wind blows like most folk can only imagine. It drove many a pioneer crazy, but that was before cable. Amy wouldn’t sleep in the west end 1st floor bedroom. From the day we brought her home from the hospital, the only way she’d sleep in that room was if we let her fall asleep then put her into her crib. Renegade, our dog wouldn’t go in that room unless we took Amy in, then he’d stay at the side of her crib ‘till she woke and one of us came and got her. "Robert, why do you want to change rooms with David," I blurted out, my mind lost in the discussions’ planning stages, ready to tell Bobby that Dave had worked his butt off to get that room, and he hadn’t. "All my stuff is folded up under the bed again." When he said that we all looked up at Robert. He was in his pajamas, trembling.

Roberts’ room. We may as well call it that now. It had been Terrys’ since we had bought the place in the 70's. Terry had moved out and Robert took his room. Robert had been sharing the large room upstairs with David for a few years and wanted his own room. It was about this time that we started to notice strange things happening in the house. It also coincides with the time that the boys began using a Ouija board. The yell up the stairs, "what are you boys doing up there?" was more of a threat of dad coming upstairs than an actual question, but dad should’ve paid attention to the answer. In retrospect, "playing with the Ouija board" seemed an innocuous enough pastime for teenage boys, talk about naive. I learned much later at a reading by world renown psychic medium Gabreael, that the boys had opened a door to a shadowperson, a dark spirit that was drawn to a generational curse the men in my family have endured for, well, generations.
We first noticed the shadow that crossed the kitchen from the couch in the livingroom. We’d be watching t.v., the footsteps coming down the stairs would draw our eyes to the stair landing to see which kid was up this time. As your coming down the stairs there is a door to your right that goes to the back bedroom, a door directly in front of you that goes to the side yard, and to your left is the kitchen. Some nights there would be no kid that would appear peeking into the livingroom to see what was going on, but a shadow that would cross the kitchen and disappear behind the island that held the television, the refrigerator, and a closet that used to be the old front door. Robert began reporting that he heard footsteps coming up the stairway and into his room and that his bedding would be folded neatly and stacked under his bed when he woke up. There were other changes too. Dark changes in my personality and demeanor. I had always had an addictive personality but had been able to keep it in check. I began a spiral descent that nearly ended my life.

When Amys’ toys outgrew her room we moved her to the large room upstairs. She had been sleeping in our room anyway, and Robert had been sleeping in the livingroom. David had not been bothered in the west room on the 2nd floor, he had done a share of the reconditioning work on that room and it seemed that any work done on the house was rewarded by being left alone. Robert started sleeping downstairs after waking up nose to nose with a bearded old man hovering above his bed. Dave wasn’t happy about relinquishing his room upstairs but went along with the move. Dave never spent a single night in the downstairs bedroom known to some of the paranormal investigators that visited the house in Sans Souci as the choking room. For years I had explained away my waking up paralyzed in that room as a problem with my health. Brain tumor, sleep apnea, I really didn’t know what it was but was sure it was me, not the house. I would wake up unable to move or even scream for what seemed to be an eternity. When I could finally muster a muffled whimper Corda would wake up asking what was the matter. I’d be drenched in sweat, terrorized by not being able to move for so long. It felt as though I’d been pinned down by the neck, and at the same time paralyzed. I never saw anything, or heard anything while this was happening to me, but have never been more scared in my life. After we moved Amy from the downstairs bedroom, Renegade refused to go back in the room. When Dave lived in the house, after we had moved downriver to the flatshaus, his dog, a rottweiler also refused to go into either downstairs bedroom and never once went up the stairs. Dave also had a cat that would jump 6 feet into the air for no apparent reason, and the cat would attack the walls downstairs for no known reason on a regular basis.
As Amy grew up she spent more and more time in her bedroom, a lot of it in the closet that backed up to the attic. And she talked and talked all day long. To whom, we didn’t care and didn’t inquire. We were just happy she was such a happy child that kept herself amused most of the time. After Gabreael’s suggestion that I close up the house, Corda told Amy that she(Corda) would take a group of Amy’s friends to the house. Unwillingly I took her friends to the house that had been closed up for half a year. I felt very bad about going but thought I was better equipped to handle the house than Corda was if anything was going top happen. The paranormal investigators that had been at the house were making things much worse, or at least much harder on me. With every new visit something more violent, more physical would happen to the investigators, and the house would give me more grief. Electrical problems were a problem. A problem that always fixed itself. Ominous feelings of dread were extremely strong and Gabreael’s suggestion that I pray while at the house was allowing me to occupy the building for short periods of time. Next. Amy’s Visit to her old bedroom.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Upcoming radio shows with Gabreal

Hi, this is an update from Gabreael. Tonight is the first broadcast, islandbob


This is just a quick note to let everyone know I will be on "The Creedence & Bishop Show" on Rock 105.5 serving the Eastern Carolina's Seabaord on Friday The 13th (Tomorrow) at 4:PM EST. If you are not in their listening range you can still listen live by going to:

Then click the "Click Here To Listen Live" link in the upper left hand corner.

We will be investigating a historic landmark in Wilmington, NC that has never been open to investigators before on Saturday the 14th. On Monday October 30th, I will be on Haunted Voices Radio Show live for a Halloween show on Demonology. You can listen to me live that night by going to and clicking on the radio link on the front page. If you miss me that night the show will be archived within a few days of the show.

We have a lot going on at Eastern Paranormal this winter. We will send out an official newsletter in a few weeks.

Have A Great Weekend!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Eastern Paranormal

My good friend and advisor at Eastern Paranormal, Gabreael, has asked me to be her guest on her new coast to coast radio show November 8th at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. The show is entitled "A Glimpse Through The Veil". Please follow the link in this post to the Investigations page of Eastern Paranormal. In the near future I will have the link to the radio station here on this site.

Monday, October 09, 2006


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Monday, September 18, 2006



Be a part of this study. Send $4.95 S & H to Robert Kowalski 8047 Bates Harsens Island MI 48028. There has been no dark activity associated with this picture. The picture tends to move itself around inside your environment. Once you receive your HAUNTED PIK we ask that you report any unusual activity here so that we can document said activity.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Group Photo

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hi. Welcome to the HarsensIslandHauntedHouse blog. If you are here for the first time may I suggest scrolling to the bottom of the page and start with part 1 of the story just to bring you up to speed. There are interesting links throughout the site and a special section near the bottom of the page dedicated to my favorite site links. If shopping is for you visit islandbobs online store for a lot of great deals on stuff. If Alternative Health is your thing visit our sponsors link, also located near the bottom of this page. So catch up, enjoy and leave a comment. Thanks,


One of my favorite orb photographs has been causing a stir. A friend had to super-glue his copy to keep it from flying off the t.v.. The first time he told me about it he reported extraterrestrial activity in his livingroom. "As I walked across the room it just flew from the t.v. set, across the room hitting me!"
My daughter had to "put it away because too much weird shit was happening" at her apartment. We have 4 here in the flathaus and weird shit is always happening here. If anyone would like a copy, send me $5.95 for shipping and handling to:
Bob Kowalski
8047 South Channel Dr.
Harsens Island MI 48028

Please report any unusual subsequent activity to this site.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

ORBS, ORBS and more ORBS!
Howdy HI friends and neighbors. I’ve been taking pix with my Fujifilm A 345 digital 3 days before a new or full moon, until 3 days after said moon phases. I’m also checking with the Best Times For Ghost Hunting site for activity in the geomagnetic fields, and, or solar storms, (there is a LINK at the bottom of this page).
We’ve had a lot of activity in the flatshaus, as of late. Corda saw an orb fly past her face. In my experience it is very rare to see an orb with the naked eye in real time. At the Harsens Island Haunted House I saw orbs circle my head while walking the stairs, and often see shadows moving about, but the few times I’ve had the extreme pleasure (a feeling of eurphoria often accompanies these sightings/encounters) of naked eye/real time encounters the orbs have been right in front of my face. 4 days before the full moon this month I walked out the back door and caught an orb right in the eye. It was as if I had walked right into it. Quite a strange feeling.
I have many pix and will be posting them in the next few days. If the weather holds, (rainy) my plans are to re-vamp this and my other blogs. This site has surpassed 5000 visits! My thanks to all who have visited and please stop back again.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I know I put the new sites e-dress in that last post. But for those of you familiar with the H.I.H.H. nothings changed. A gentleman answered my ad for a bar-b-q grill, the top on ours broke, on free-cycle. He sent me directions and his address which mysteriously disappeared from my computer. I looked for the past 3 days for the e-mail from him, looked for the e-mails I had sent him and found nothing. After unsuccessfully searching for his house today with no address, just working from memory, I e-mailed him a few minutes ago asking for his address, again. At first it wouldn't send and I lost it. I re-typed the message and when I sent it, again, mysteriously his original message re-appeared. I'ts been a lot like that lately. Awoke to a really strange noise at 4 a.m. Corda was also woke up, and she saw small bright lights moving about the corner of her room. For 3 days I've been touched repeatedly, with no explanation. Well. none other than the obvious, to me, anywho. I checked the moon phases to see if it was close to a new or full moon and again, not close enough. Lots going on. And other than messing with my communications, and my mind, it's all good. The new site is

Friday, December 23, 2005

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merry christmas to all. i've decided to start another page dedicated to orbs. more on that later. last night corda watched a full size shadow walk slowly out from the bathroom area, stop, turn its' faceless head towards her then walk into the furnace. she said that it freaked her out, but she felt no fear. she described the feeling as, "something i never felt before, even at williams street".there are lots of noises,, and things that have mysteriously grown feet and moved themselves overnight lately here in the flats. i have, at gabreaels suggestion, placed holy water in the girls rooms, and am looking for that "perfect cross" to hang in the livingroom.
the new owners have told me and others(it's a small island) that they have noticed nothing at what we used to refer to as "the harsens island haunted house", "townhaus" and "that hole that was sucking the life and money out of me." the meeting with the new owner was pretty weird. we only saw each other at the closing for a second as the new owner pushed past me ignoring my cheery "hello". the next time i saw her was at church. We go next door to the community center for coffee and doughnuts after service. I was talking to a man from the middle channel about the wind we've had to deal with this year when the kids came upstairs from Sunday school. I heard my grandaughter Alex say, "my grandpa use to live at 177 williams". the 2 kids talking to al assured her that the house wasn't haunted and i said hi to their mother. i told her that we lived there(in her new house at 177 williams) for many years, and how we winterized the place, bales of straw at the crawlspaces openings, plastic on the windows after the christmas lights came down, how we used a board with bricks on it to hold the plastic over the sliding glass door down. she said they were almost out of water and i replied that she should be careful not to let the water pump run if she did run out of water because of the cost of a new pump. i told her that if she did have any problems with spirits in the house there was a lady from north carolina that had been advising me and had offered to help her, she made a noise i can only describe as disgust then she said, "and that Bob Kowalski, I'm suing him". at this Al spun around in her seat next to me knocking over her glass of hot chocolate. I was already standing with "I'd be Bob Kowalski" pursed on my lips, but in the scramble to stop the hot chocolate from spreading I said nothing. discretion being the better part of valor, we left without introducing ourselves.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005


an up to date is certainly in order, sold the house, bought a computer and a camera. with the new computer came the ability to see the piks i took at the harsens island haunted house for the 2 weeks leading up to the club closing and me having to give rita her camera back. i went through about half of them last night. there is a whole lot of orbs, some mists and some things that need further review.on one night i felt especially creeped out, i took a few piks behind me. i just knew someone was behind me. in looking for the first time at the piks taken that night i was suprised to find that there is a decided lack of orbs. from the photographic evidence one would catagorize the night as a bust. 2 orbs in 1 pik. i met the new owner and her kids.,

Friday, December 09, 2005

group photo

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my last trip to the harsens island haunted house.
as usual, i prayed the Lords prayer on my way to the townhaus. i felt nothing as i entered, made my way through the downstairs and up to the second floor. nothing as i opened the attic door in the riverside bedroom. why i open the door is a mystery. nobody said "here it is, the portal to the netherworld" but, that's what i do. i open the attic door and wait for the devil.
nothing happened. it was broad daylight, the moon in no favorable position for endeavoring to reach the otherside. i had thought long and hard about what i wanted to know most about the house. i narrowed it down to, "what do you want to tell me?" not a good idea. i had heard it before. a whispering whine like a wind together with a heavy machine whine. it got louder. and louder. it was uncomfortable after a minute. after a couple minutes, it hurt. it hurt my head like a terrrible headache. three to five minutes into my answer i began to wonder if this could result in permanent damage. i prayed. it was hard to remember the Lords prayer and i doubted every word i thought. i don't think i vocalized anything, it didn't seem necessary. quickly it elevated past where i wanted the situation to be. pressure was very great in my head. i got up not bothering to close the attic door, a first, and ran downstairs. i looked around as i flew througn the kitchen, locked the front door and got into the van. i thought of locking the door and looked over my shoulder as i started the motor. i began praying again. i asked that the noise in my head please stop.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


i was going to delete the last photo posted because it's so hard to see, but the cracked smiley face in the orb is just too cool. it's in the top, right corner. we've been sporting our new hooded sweatshirts, hats and underwear with the Harsens Island Haunted House emblazoned on them around town, have you seen them? visit islandbobs online store to pick up yours.
all our links are at the bottom of this page. i am trying to post a link to the e.v.p.'s taken from 177 williams so that you don't have to wait through the download of the investigations link to hear them, but am having trouble. hopefully some kind soul will help me with the process and i will have them soon.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

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Thursday, September 22, 2005


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i posted the original of this pik some time ago. it shook me so much that i didn't try enhancing it at all. a little voice(glenn)has been telling me to look at the negative. i listened this morning. i will repost the original above this. glenn is my spirit guide. i had to give back the camera i had been using and will not be taking any more piks until we close on the house and i can afford a camera of my own. i do, however have hundreds of orb piks yet to post. as soon as i can get my hands on them i'll pass 'em along to you.


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Friday, September 16, 2005

3 orbs

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


did somebody say, more pictures? well here's a start. these are from 1 night this labor day weekend. i took like 89 piks, and these were the best of the orb piks. sorry 'bout the way some of them showed up here, i'm working on fixin that as we type. and every night i went back there were more orbs. sometimes a bunch in the first pik, like they were waiting for me. and always a bunch in the last pik. in what i learned about ley lines, thanks to Gabreael, orbs travel ley lines absorbing the energy from the ley lines. kinda like a re-fuelimg on the fly deal. i'm wondering if they absorb energy from the flash in somewhat the same manor.. i saw the reflection from 2 that were a few feet in front of me last week. they looked spectacular in the camera. i hope to have them soon. i'm also gonna try more zoom piks. check out the beans orb site at and visit my online store in the links at the bottom of this page. why it is at the bottom of the page is beyond me. if you know why it is at the bottom of the page please let me know. and also why my pictures are so damn big. geeeese, their humungous.

orbs front yard

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original 1642

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brightened and contrast increased

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orb on roof ? in window

while brightening this orb on the roof i found a face in the window, or 2, or 3

sm orb on roof big one in window

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Monday, September 12, 2005

a piece of orb left edge

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orb on roof

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orb in stairway

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

top of door, insulation face and thingy behind

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Friday, September 09, 2005


sorry i don't have any more pictures to post, yet. as soon as i can get them sent to me i will have them here. i have many of the recent piks from the harsens island haunted house on c.d., but my c.d. rom has a broken drive belt. i should be closing on the townhaus sale soon and will buy a new computer and camera then, cutting out the middleman, as it were, as it was, but not as it shall be forever, i hope. i borrowed this next bit from nasa explaining why the activity remains at an hightened level,,,
AURORA ALERT: Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) hurled into space by the solar explosions of Sept. 7th-9th could strike glancing blows to Earth's magnetic field during the next 48-to-72 hours. Sky watchers in Canada, Alaska and other northern places should be alert for auroras.

ACTIVE SUN: Solar activity is very high. Earth-orbiting satelites have detected four X-class solar flares this week, including one X17 monster. NOAA forecasters say there's a 50% chance of more X-flares during the next 24 hours, possibly causing radio blackouts and radiation storms.

i went to sans souci last night after work, got 1 pik and the batteries in ritas' canon powershot A75 went dead. undeterred i grabbed my disposable camera and took a pik, it was the last 1 in it. i put old batteries in the canon and got a couple more piks. whem i got back home i previewed the piks and found my first pik had a hundred orbs in it! i'll be going back tonight armed with fresh batteries. i am looking for suggestions on buying a camera. i need a digital with virtually no recovery time between pictures, them orbs move fast!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


the geomagnetic field has calmed down so i won't be taking any more pictures for a bit. as soon as i get more that i've taken over the last 6 nights sent to me, i will post them. and there are a lot of them. been averaging 'bout 4 outa 5 with orbs. and taking between 100 and 200 piks a night, i've got a lot of great piks. the group photo thingy is still working. always get a LARGE number of orbs when i ask them to get together. i have also noticed that the very large orbs have to be snuck up on. i get them randomly swinging the lense and walking around corners snapping piks. i went early monday evening and attracted a few neighbours. the flashes light up the sky and surrounding yards, even when shooting inside the harsens island haunted house. i have opened up an online store with pictures from the harsens island haunted house on apparel and various sundries. it is in the links at the bottom of this page, please stop by for a visit.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

9 04 05 group photo enhanced

Image hosted by

Monday, September 05, 2005

4 piks from 09/03/05 townhaus

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

i asked for a group photo

Image hosted by


just back from takin more piks. this 1 is from last night. i said "group photo everybody. 1,2,3, say cheeeeeese" and this is what i got. the other 4 piks i'll post tonight are from 08/03/05

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by


what a night. got to the townhaus at 3:30 it didn't feel good. i took 1 pik and the batteries went dead. i put in some new ones and got to it. my heart pounded the whole time. prayed more times than i can count. i had to to keep my heart from exploding. it was worse in the backyard than anywhere else. i didn't go into the house. got a lot of great piks, the last one looks like a christmas tree in the backyard covered in orbnaments. i took 107 last night and had 24 without orbs! yahoo is working much better for sending the piks so i'll have many more, soon. i took a bunch when i got home at 4:20 and was suprised to find a few orbs and a pik overhead at the road with a bunch of orbs.

Friday, September 02, 2005


wowie zowie. i took around 200 piks at the harsens island haunted house last night, or rather, early this morning. my preliminary scan has about 12 piks without orbs! i will have them posted here very soon. i've been having trouble with outlook express, so am trying yahoo mail for my picture delivery. this should speed up the time it takes from taking the piks, to posting them. i have opened up islandbobs online store, link at the bottom of this page, and will soon have more Harsens Island Haunted House memorabilia available there, thanks, bob

Thursday, September 01, 2005


this picture was taken on Harsens Island Mi., on August 22 a little before midnight with my good friend, and best friends' sister Ritas' Canon PowerShot A75. a M-class solar flare had left the sun 4 days earlier, the 18th. an almost identical situation presents itself again. tonight is the 2nd day before the new moon and we had another M-class solar flare 4 days ago, the time it usually takes the energy released in the eruption on the surface of the sun, to reach earth. basing my limited knowledge on this information provided by N.A.S.A., i went looking for the unknown last night. i started off in the upstairs bedroom, river side of the house, looking into the attic. on the 22nd of august i didn't go upstairs. i stood that night at the bottom of the stairs and convinced myself that the last 3 times upstairs takin piks was enough. and that i really didn't need any more. perhaps that was correct 'cause last night i took 50 piks upstairs and got 1 with an orb in the stairway and maybe a couple more in the big upstairs bedroom. there were no ill feelings in the house except for the 2 times i felt i should leave. both times the feeling of needing to leave was accompanied by shortness of breath. i stayed another 10 minutes both times, praying. the urge to vacate the premise had passed. taking piks in the yard i noticed an orb moving, it seemed, in the camera viewfinder. i followed and took more piks. i did capture the orb in the yard but sadly, not while moving. at 25 minutes after midnight i left. there is 8 or 10 piks with orbs, and 1 with a red glowing dot amoungst the orbs. as soon as rita sends me the rest of the piks from august 22 i will post them and follow with the piks from last night and tonight.

original pik 08/22/05

Image hosted by

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


i signed the papers selling the Harsen's Island Haunted House. it took a couple days for the feeling that i had again done something, or someone wrong, to go away. i will be going back to the harsens island haunted house tonight. a storm in the earths geomagnetic field holds the promise of more great pictures. the fact that tonight is the 3rd day before the new moon almost guarantees something in the piks. ghosts, spirits, orbs, shadowpersons, demons?, who knows. i think that what i like most about the paranormal is my complete ignorance of the subject. whatever happens, it will be a learning experience. no black and white, no right or wrong. just areas of grey. riddles wrapped in enigmas.
many thanks to Gabreael, for extending her advice and help to the new owners. without her help i surely would have run amok.
i have a dozen or more piks from The Harsens' Island Haunted House in the pipe. i will post them as soon as i get them back. i am hoping for today. and will, God willing, have more tonight to share with you.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


feeling very conflicted today. i want to sell the house, but i want to sell it to a group, or someone interested in studying the paranormal. the offer i have for the house is from a family with 4 children. yes, they know the house is haunted, but i fear they are overlooking that fact driven by the affordability. you really can't find a 4 bedroom house on a large lot ready to move in for under 100k. not around here, anyway.
we raised our kids there without incident. maybe it's the houses' influence on me that gives me these doubts. could be that i just don't want to let go. i know it won't be a clean break. i see myself standing in the yard, looking in at the new owners, jealous. pretty weird, eh?
well there's the phone, it's the realtor. time to make a decision, if i have to, i guess. quoting from "the man's prayer" at the end of every red green show.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

enhanced by Gabreael

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Image hosted by

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the enhanced photo below is my 1st attempt at making the orbs more visable for the computer.
is going to clean this pik up and send it back so i should have it posted again in a few days. hopefully more visable. as soon as i get the other piks downloaded i will post them here. we are still entertaining offers on the harsens island haunted house.

08/22/05 enhanced

Image hosted by

08/22/05 townhaus backyard M-class flare

Image hosted by

Monday, August 22, 2005


went to the harsens island haunted house by myself tonight. the camera wouldn't work inside the house. something told me not to go upstairs, and i listened. the few piks i got were amazing. 1 pik has 75 orbs. i'm home 15 minutes before midnight wondering if it was the batteries i just replaced or what. really no reason for the camera not working. not tired, or scared. but think i'll stay here. if i can't sleep maybe i'll go back and try again for a few piks.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


my realtor called this morning with another offer on the house, so i may not be taking many more piks.


a sunspot developed on august 18 into a planet size behemoth. when sunspots develop at breakneck speed, their magnetic fields can become unstable and explode. sunspot m798 now poses a threat for m class solar flares. based on this information i think the activity level will be high at 177 williams ave. tonight. i'm going back there now. rita says she'll download the piks i took last week and i'll publish them later tonite or tomorrow.


on my own again. thinkin' that there probably aren't a lot of guys that would go into a haunted house by themselves. 'specially 2 nights in a row. but i did and the night was without incident. i arrived shortly after 11:00 again to find 2 people standing in front of the house, the lady holding a bucket. my thoughts on that are ..............................still processing. that's my story and i'm sticking to it. i took a lot of pictures, ritas' camera worked fine 'till i left the upstairs, shooting at the wall/portal at the top of the stairs. it wouldn't work there, again with the green lightening. i was really comfortable at the house and had no problem sitting in the dark 'till past midnight taking piks of nothing. i was so at ease that i turned my back on whatever is there to watch freighters going by. that's what i miss most about that house, the freighters constantly passing. i found it hard to leave and a couple times got back out of the car and took more piks. once home i found some piks with orbs. more outside of the house than inside. and a face in the wall that has been photographed before. i'll have those as soon as rita gets a chance to scan and send them to me. i'll be going back tomorrow night, sunday, the 2nd night after the full moon and again on monday night.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


it was pretty weird last night. i went by myself a little before 11:00. i gave the usual, "hi, i'm home" entering the front door. immediately i headed upstairs armed with 2 cameras a flashlight and a bottle of water. now upstairs i entered the attic. i took what i thought was 8 or 10 piks with ritas' digital canon but there was no flash, just a faint red glow where i aimed the camera. i exited the attic sitting down on the bed in the riverside room, put my glasses on and found the flash button on the disposable camera. again i went in the attic hoping to get a pik of the same area, from the same angle i had in the upsidedown old man with a beard pik. i took a pik a week ago sunday to compare with the old man pik but the angle was wrong and in it the electric box on the outside wall looked like it had similar features as the face. that's why i wanted another pik or 2 to compare. i went back to the bed outside the attic and turned off the light. when i saw light shadows or thought i detected movement i took piks with the digital camera, or so i thought. still no flash, just the faint red glow. i heard footsteps on the stairs and began praying, the footsteps stopped. the hairs on my body stood on end and again i prayed and the hairs laydown. after a while i decided to leave. i wasn't scared but felt inclined to vacate the premises. on the way out i continued to take piks with the digital camera. when i got to the top of the stairs the camera went off by itself 18' from the wall where the portal is supposed to be, the camera emitting a green lightening bolt about 8" long, and a real flash! the first one i had seen in 20 or more piks. i continued out and down the stairs stopping at the stair landing to take a pik with the disposable camera now having serious doubts as to my ability to use the digital camera. i gave thought to resting in the livingroom and maybe taking a few more piks, but continued out the front door. remembering the outside piks of orbs that appear early in this blog i thought i would take some house piks in the dark. i was taking a series of piks with the digital camera of the roof line when again the green lightening shot from the camera and again the flash worked! i took a few more with the disposable camera thinking that the digital just wasn't working and went home. oh. i went home in the lincoln because my van wouldn't start. i stopped at home after closing up the club to see if corda wanted to go with me to take piks. she didn't and for the 1st time in 358,000 miles my van just wouldn't start. but the lincoln did and that's how i got to the harsens island haunted house this night. when i got home i looked at the 3 piks that had registered on the digital camera. 2 of the outside of the house with orbs in the sky and on the roof. the pik of the wall from 18" away was also there. i'm going back tonight to try again.

gabreael called me this morning. always an inspiring and much anticipated event. you can visit her journal at

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


going back to the harsens island haunted tonight. it's 3 days before the full moon. the piks i took a week ago with scott there showed nothing. the pik of my knee wasn't there. it also wasn't in the negatives. and so, armed with ritas' digital camera i venture forth in the pursuit of a visual representation of my guests.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


This is the same picture, rotated, enhanced and cropped.i got this one during the last full moon. took 4 piks, this was the only one with anything out of the ordinary. well, out of the ordinary most places. i went back 2 nights after the new moon with chef scott. we took 6 piks. while there, we were sitting on the bed in the riverside bedroom looking into the open attic door, it got extremely cold. having just come from work i had shorts on. my knee was so cold that it hurt my hand to touch it. i took a picture of my knee sure in the fact that something was sitting on my knee.
i kept hearing buzzing like a mosquito flying by my ear at high speed. scott didn't hear it. i also saw an 18" distortion move on the wall next to me. chef scott felt the cold, and asked last night when we would be going back again. i've been using a disposable camera. i hope to borrow ritas' digital canon with a flash next night there is some increased activity in the geo-mag field, or , full moon which ever happens first. the disposable is in the film store and i hope to have something for this site very soon.
the house continues to be for sale. two offers nave been made but not accepted.

same pik rotated 180, cropped and highlighted

Image hosted by

Thursday, August 11, 2005


hi. how ya doin? to the left of the white tongue like thingy is an upsidedown face. an old man with a white beard, exactly as robert, my son had described floating over his bed nose to nose. i took 4 piks during a full moon 2 months ago, and found this one.
i went back during the new moon with a friend and took 6 more piks. while in the upstairs bedroom looking into the attic my knee became unbelievably cold. so cold it hurt to touch it. i took a pik of my knee. the cold lasted for 5 minutes, maybe as long as 15 minutes. i saw the predator vision cloaking thingy, about 18" long on the wall next to me and saw a couple of large orbs. i also heard what sounded like very fast mosquitos flying by my ear. i wish i had taken an audio recorder. hopefully the piks will show something.
we have had an offer on the house, and another showing today. with any luck the house will sell ending my part in this story.


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Thursday, July 07, 2005

my sister donnas' house in sandusky
Image hosted by


check your old photo's. i have been and have found a few with orbs and mists. these were taken on a field trip to the great dismal canyon 3 years ago. the canyon has been used by man for more than 5000 years, and is one of only 3 places on earth known to be inhabited by the dismalites, a tiny glow worm. the great dismal canyon has been visable from space at peak glow times. i've also been taking piks at the townhaus on my own. as soon as i can get the one we got back last nite onto the computer i'll post it. a face in the attic. rather than telling you what i see i'll wait till i can post it. my son dave(home on a 4 day leave from the navy)and i got into the attic yesterday and moved the buckets back under the roof vents that the "professionals" had moved during their investigations. so far 4 ceilings will have to be repainted, but at least we saved the ceilings from any further damage. during hard east winds rain comes in through the vents, hence the buckets under them.
my sincerest thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

alexandra(on rock)with friend sami surrounded by orbs in the great dismal canyon, alabamaImage hosted by

amy and mike(x boyfriend) in great dismal canyon, alabama
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
thats me crossing crik in canyon, the mist wasn't there when pik was taken

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

worlds largest natural iron bridge, alabama

Image hosted by

Monday, June 06, 2005


hi. how ya doin? there's an explanation for everything, and this is mine.

it started, as best we can recall, in 1988. terry had worked his way out of my favor, and his happy home. that is another story, indeed. but let's leave it at that for now. sitting in the livingroom, the television and the closet behind it were the only things blocking the view of the river, we heard terry come down the stairs, saw his shadow cross the kitchen and, we thought, exit via the front door to go party all night with his friends. now, as i've stated before, i'm slow. painfully slow. but by the third week watching and hearing terry sneak out i nailed his bedroom window shut. he had to be gettin'in somehow, and the only way was through his bedroom window.
the footsteps down the stairs, the man size shadow crossing the kitchen, continued nightly. doh!
we tried our best to ignore it. even when robert said that his bedding was folded under his bed every morning when he woke up. we told him that it was his imagination. and when he said that he heard footsteps coming up the stairs and into his room but could only pull the covers over his head, we said that it was the old house settling. when he told us he woke up face to face with an old man hovering over his bed we said, oh robert, those clams must've been bad we had last night for dinner. robert quit sleeping in his bedroom, he started sleeping on the couch.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


here's an excerpt from g.r.a.v.e.s. report.

The other thing that happened was nothing we could see. Towards the end, George demanded that the ghost or ghosts show themselves or make themselves known. Absolutely nothing happened. Actually, George, asked, begged, pleaded, and then demanded. After your story about the guy who insulted the house, George even started making comments about the house, the ghosts, and anything else. Still, nothing happened. This took place in the living room. George then went upstairs. Sylvia said she didn't think it was a good idea for him to try the "insult" trick again. She said she didn't feel anything, but she sensed that it was a bad idea. Dave agreed. George and i figured we'd try it anyway. George went upstairs, asked for it to show itself, then demanded it. Still nothing. I was at the bottom of the stairs when George entered the room at the top of the stairs on the right. He took about 3 steps in and then came walking out. All he said was, "Yep, it doesn't want me in there." Just before he said that (and before I saw him walking out of the room), I got a little chill up my spine

in g.r.a.v.e.s. report they found nothing, music in a video could have been the band at sans souci. a blob in a pik could've been glare. sorry i'm not updating this site more often, but the cost is just too high to let more people into the house. sorry to those i've turned away, and to those wishing to hear more about the house.

authentic entertainment got back to me, thanks helga, and the discovery channel will not be coming to harsens island. the idea is still being marketed so may yet come to fruition.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


the group of professionals from chicago visited the harsens island haunted house last weekend. as soon as they send me any info i'll update this site. in the meantime let me tell you what i experienced.
we had some great weather last week, tied a record of 83 degrees on tuesday. i got lots done while the sun was shinin'. replaced those windowsills on the front of the house, scraped the loose paint, and with my new best friend, hard putty, we made magic. i needed a piece of the clapboard siding that covers the old front porch from the block up. first i asked my friendly island friends/builders. next i called lumber jack. he told me that they knew where some could be had, would i like to order some? i figured i'd check at adair salvage since i had to go to the mainland anyway, so i held off ordering the 54" of clapboard. good thinkin'. walking back from the road after seeing al to the bus, there it was. laying on my pile of spiles, right on top. i thanked the appropriate deity 'cause i sure couldn't remember putting it there, or seeing it before, for that matter.
i cut all the trees that were leaning into the yard, raked up the straw that had insulated the crawlspace and water tank all winter and in general, made the place look good. taking a break in the livingroom i saw the shadow moving around quite a bit, only in a new form. do you know, in the movie predator, how when cloaked, the background was distorted? well it was like that. it even passed within inches of my face. no stomach aches, feelings of dread, none of that. but i'm praying pretty regular, 'specially while in the house.
the weather did a 180 and we got snow all weekend. i got sick. sicker than a dog. headaches, that i attributed to not eating. couldn't eat 'cause i was so sick to my stomach. blamed the stomach on everything that i had eaten for 3 days, it was all suspect. tried all my home remedies. filled a capsule with oil of oregano and ate it , thinking that i had an intestinal virus. took microhydrin(h-) 3 times a day, a great flu beater. qi'd, 2 or 3 times daily, instead of the once a day i'm use to. even stopped doing the crunches that i'd been doing for the last 2 weeks, thinking that they somehow were messing with my stomach. then i began thinking that somehow the house was making me sick! i had felt exactly like this before other paranormal groups' visits. why not this time. sure enough, and as before, as soon as i left 177 williams, ghost research and various energies society tucked in for the night, i felt better!
i talked to my ma and she straightened me out. i told her the whole story and before i could attribute my malaise to the house she said, and i quote "you weren't supposed to do it". and the memories came tumbling back, the reason for not lying, the reason for not for not being mean. when i got older i blamed my honesty on not being able to remember the layers of deceit involved in covering up a lie, but there was always that sick feeling. like i've said more than once, i can be painfully slow to see the obvious. sorry Lord, i'll work on it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


started the week by taking al, my grandaughter to church. 1st time in a long time for me. walking up to st. marks she said, "they're all old, grandpa". there were a couple of kids she knew inside the church, and the stained glass window that read, "in memory of mr. joseph bedore". "yup, that's your great, great, great, great grandfather", i told her and she felt a little more at home. even with all of us old people around.
i've been working with gabreael on my meditation technique, and praying alot. something that i've also not done in a long time. spent all my life priding myself in the fact that i didn't ask for help, i'd take care of it myself. my friend roy, who "got religion" in a big way recently told me, "bob, all you have to do is ask for what you need". i brushed him off and went back to my ways, struggling along just barely getting by. then gabreal told me that she made a deal with god. my first thought was, that's blasphemy! i had never entertained the notion that one could not only talk to their god, one on one, but actually enter into a deal with the almighty. still digesting this information,( i am really slow to realize the obvious) i went back to the harsens island haunted house to replace a couple of window sills that needed attention. my friend john space was giving me a hand and had to leave with a stomach ache. i had said the lords prayer when entering the house, and told john about me praying for protection for the first time. i was worried about john and checked in on him when running home for tools. it had occured to me that my daughters friends and i had terrible stomach aches when i took her friends into the house. amy got the piks back that they took that night. my wife has seen them and says that the group pik i took before we left, asking the spirits to get into the pik, has many orbs around everyone but amanda, she had a rosary in her pocket. amanda has two orbs in front of her, right near the pocket with the rosary in it. the rest of the group has orbs surrounding their bodies and heads. there is also a pik of a red blob coming through the stairway wall next to a mini tornado. john was still laying down holding his stomach and assured me that he had this pain before and didn't get it from my house. "oh c'mon bob" was suzys'(johns significant other) laughing reply. so i went back to the townhaus to finish my work. in the frontroom i felt a presence, hairs stood on end and a creepy feeling came over me. i said the lords prayer and before i was done the feeling was gone. a few minutes later i walked into a cold spot and my heart sunk. just a feeling of dread, or like i'd done something wrong. again i prayed and the cold spot and feeling went away. empowered i yelled, "yeah, i got a ghost gun and you ain't gonna bother me no more" i sat down only to be attacked again, this time my heart beat irregularly. i looked at my chest in disbelief. but i guess if "it" can twist your guts "it" can put the squeeze on your heart too, so i prayed again. and again, the attack stopped. i'm going back today with no fear or trepidation, i got my ghost gun.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


a group from chicago will be staying this month. the house has been locked up and will continue to be closed. g.r.a.v.e.s. ghost research and various energies society secured a night before i closed the house at gabreaels advice.

Thursday, March 31, 2005


i've avoided the house like the plague, especially with all the geomagnetic activity(due to the coronol wind) and the moon phases being new, to a few days after full, and i no longer have any desire to go into the house. i had hoped that through professionals visiting the house we would learn something from the dead and, or the paranormal world, of which i knew nothing. i know a lot more than i did at the start of this, which still isn't much. after talking with "ghost hunters", i learned that mediums could "feel" the house from afar. this information proved invaluable, as it has become my only source of any real information. our spirit guides arrange things to help us along. i met my guide last week through my reading with gabreael. i've always believed that everything happens for a reason. the reason being part of Gods plan. i can feel the connection, my connection to his plan. with this insight has come a peace that i don't ever remember feeling before. maybe it's just knowing what one has to do, as opposed to wondering what one is going to have to do next, but whatever it is, it's way cool.

here are the links to gabreaels'

Sunday, March 27, 2005


happy easter!! i talked with gabreael last night and she said that the dark spirit may have been in the house before the ouija board was used, but could have been made stronger by its use. i always try to correct any mistakes i make here reporting on the townhaus. if you have a correction for me, please send it along. i have a hard and fast rule concerning retractions. that being, you will have to send the correct information in order for me to report it. thanks again to my regular readers.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


my thanks to pat, a student of gabreaels. in a picture from she saw my dog renegade, on the roof at the harsens island haunted house standing guard. she described him, exactly as he had looked. this is the dog i've written about that would accompany my infant daughter into her bedroom, from the day we brought her home, and stay with her until she awoke and we brought her out of that room. he was my best friend for 14 years and died in my arms in that house.
from my reading with gabreael i learned many things. my biological father was there, as was my grandfather i had never met. in fact i had only met my father once. my grandfather said there is 3 generational curses on the men in my family. we have overcame 1, leaving the other 2. my brother bob, dead since last november had to be helped "over". his message was for another brother but is for all of us, i believe. "life is precious, you're responsible for every word, every deed, and when you die you will stand on a hill looking down at all the things you did, and did not do while alive".
my spirit guide said that a ouija board was used at the townhaus, allowing a dark spirit to enter, drawn to the curse, or cursed. i have verified that indeed 2 of my sons used ouija boards, in the upstairs bedroom on the riverside. i had forgotten, but corda remembered robert and his friend locking themselves into that bedroom with a board for a week. this would co-incide with the time we began noticing "things". he described my life thusfar as a dark storm with rough seas behind me. he noted my health history and some problems i'll be having in the future, also some maneuvers i need to make soon. this was my first reading and won't be my last. i recommend it to everyone. if you're not a believer before, you will be after.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


this is 2 comments in their entirety posted to my most gracious thanks to gabreael for allowing me to show them here. the comments are in response to gabreaels'sunday march 13 post. "a haunted house story"
"This post was emailed to me from another psychic who is a Non - AOL user. Here is her post:


What I feel about the little boy is that there was a little boy in there who had been kidnapped and molested/murdered. The male drunk entity was in his late 40's or 50's, was an alcoholic, and was violent with women as well. In fact, it feels he may have strangled at least one woman, possibly a prostitute in the house as well. The bodies were disposed of elsewhere, but were killed in that house. If I were closer, I would go there and do some work on it. I know I could make a significant difference, but I'm not close. Very interesting. Don't know how you could do it, but Bob should check on missing person's reports between the years of 1897, and 1929. This guy was a real SOB and will probably need a priest with the necessary training to remove.

Linda" (i have talked with linda, she does dream interpretations and readings, bob) thanks linda

"Comment from gabreaelinfo - 3/14/05 11:22 AM

Ooohh, I read that news article link. What a spooky story. That laides back looked painful. That man should sale that house to "Scariest Places On Earth," or one of those sort of shows. Maybe like the Discovery Channel, TLC, Sci Fi, I would think it would be well worth $107,500 to them for that, plus it's a real house by the water. I would think it would be a pretty sweet deal for any of them. Now I will sleep with my bathroom light on for a week :P.


please visit gabreaels body, mind and spirit journal at
more on gabreael on this site soon. even though her schedule is full with family, the courses she teaches and her writing, she has honoured me with one of her last readings.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


authentic entertainment came across this site while researching a pilot they are doing for the discovery channel. helga said it was just what they were looking for. a haunted house with questions yet unanswered. a 5 part pilot for a new show to be called, "if these walls could scream". the 1st show they would send a team of investigators into the house, blind. with no knowledge of previous investigations. the 2nd show would center on my family and their 30+ years of experiences with the house. the 3rd night would be interviews with the professional paranormal investigators that had stayed at the harsens island haunted house. the 4th would be the research brought to light by a team of investigators working the history of the property, house and inhabitants. the final night of the pilot would be a 2nd visit to the townhaus.
sounds good to me. but so did the offer to buy from england which came when i was deciding on the fate of the house. much like, no exactly like this call from l.a. just as i decide to list the house with a realtor. and yes, this house is listed for sale. you can have all this fun yourself for $107,500.00 please


wow. what a phone call. ya, so it was 2 hours long, it answered all my fears. as i reflect on it now, it wasn't the questions i wanted answers to, it was much bigger than that. gabreael, i thank you. words cannot express what i feel. not now. i must first put to words our "chat" there will be time later to express my gratitude.
it began with a series of questions, followed by a discription from the book of DAVID, a description of shadowpeople. demons and shadow people are similar in m.o.'s but she believes from our conversation that we are dealing with a "shadowperson" not a demon. from the night terrors, i experienced many times, to my struggles with addiction and anger, she was able to answer my questions.
i was directed to gabreael by james of the haunted store in november of last year. i sure wish i'd have contacted her then. i didn't because i thought it would cost me money i didn't have. i was afraid to ask for help because i didn't want to be embarrassed when it came time to pay for the advice. well as usual i was wrong, again. there are people that will help a fellow in need, even if he's gotten in over his head.
gabreael suggests that i close the house up and try to sell it as haunted, and she is helping me with getting the word out. allowing paranormal groups into the house was a bad idea. they stirred up the spirits, and left. having gotten what they came for they left me with the real results of their investigations. stronger, more volatile entities, angry with me for bringing the groups in. the information(e.v.p.'s and pictures, and mediums conversations with the dead) is all suspect. i have none of the documentation to start with, and according to the book of david, demons and shadowpersons always use childrens and womens voices to deceive. this would explain our being unable to verify any 4 years old named timmy getting run over in front of the house.
if i can't sell the house as haunted gabreael has offered to make the trip from south carolina up to harsens island, she grew up in white lake michigan, to remove the spirits, at her own expense. i am still in shock over this turn of events and find myself tongue tied in my appreciation. gabreael, you are truley a gift from God.


things change. the house is no longer for rent by the night. i am forever indebted to GABREAEL, Terry King also helped me alot with what i knew nothing of. being totally ignorant of the paranormal is a dangerous place to be. if not for these women so many bad things could have happened.
a phone call from authentic entertainment in los angeles came last week. the day after i listed the house for sale. life long friend and realtor nancy short loper met me at 10:00 a.m. i gave no thought to protecting myself as it was so early, and the house had been so quiet. but i hadn't given a thought to the house' point of view. we toured the house, nancy asking questions and taking notes. at the attic door she reached for one of the 2 locks that keep it closed. i hadn't planned on going into the attic but opened it for her. she asked about the pipes in the attic and i told her that when we bought the house the hot water tank was in the unheated attic space and i moved it downstairs. i may have said something derogatory about the builder and his choice of placement for the tank. i leaned against the wall next to the window and said to nancy, " it's either happening again, or that walk up the stairs wore me out". holding her chest she said, " i feel it too, but didn't want to say anything". she reminded the unseen force that she had her own ghost with her, and we left. downstairs i told her of the moscow times article on house sprites, that had been sent to me and how i had been leaving the spirits a shot of scotch on the table to appease or calm them. she commented that they weren't acting very calm, and we left, but not before refilling the offering for grandpa sprite. as i pulled away from the harsens island haunted house, i saw nancy talking to someone in her car. i thought she maybe had a hands free phone. at my house in the flats, she said "i have never had a problem with this car, ever. it just came from being serviced, and it would not start at your house when we just left. i told your ghost that i had my ghost with me and to let my car go, and it started".
was the call about the 5 night pilot for the discovery channel a hoax? i don't think so. how about the e-mail and call from a couple wanting to rent the house in sans souci for the month of june? again,i don't think so, but i am eternally optimistic. it just seems that when i make any moves towards doing anything with the house, shit happens.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

part 12

so we've got a four year old named timmy, a 54 year old named isabelle, or isabella, a nameless one that sayz, "it hurts", a sea captain, or sailor, a robert, a shadow that moves throughout the house but hides in the attic, a mist/cold spot that moves through the people in the house wreaking havoc on their bodies and minds. these are the entities we have experienced and/or heard of from the mediums that have come calling. noises of things being moved around in the attic, shuffling of things, scurrying around sounds, and in my case large dull booms. i think that because i'm so deaf the ghosts get tired of me not hearing the other noises they are making, so they drop things on the floor upstairs to get my attention. there are the pennies that appear all over the house, the electrical system that arbitrarily turns things off and back on a little while later. i've noticed that i can predict these electrical anomalies by the tingling i feel. if the spirit is moving, the hairs on my body will stand, pointing out the direction to the entity. the heavyness that some of us have felt upstairs, on our chests, the feeling that your guts are being pulled and twisted, and the feelings of dread, anxiety and an immediate need to vacate the area are i believe, the mist with the many faces.
what do they want? they don't want michiana ghost society, or real estate agents in the house. or did those visits just coincide with the phases of the moon that may stir the house up? or am i way off base and the nites that the house is "quiet" reflect the spirits dislike of the guests?

part 11

has it really been that long? does the moon have an effect on the paranormal world? why did the house turn docile? you know, if i've learned anything at all it's that i've learned nothing at all. michigan paranormal investigations, only heard things being moved upstairs. they documented nothing. the next weekend the group that stayed, had a psychic/medium with them that communicated with a robert from the spirit world, and filmed some orbs. the house seemed much quieter than it had been for the last month. until yesterday. i met my friend since gradeschool, nancy who is now a real estate agent/broker and we went in at 10:00 a.m. thursday march 3rd. as it was so early in the morning and the house had been so quiet, i gave no thought to protecting myself. we walked through the downstairs, her taking notes, me giving dimensions. at the attic door nancy asked if this was where they had found the bag of hockey equipment? i pointed to the other storage space and she began opening the door. i hadn't planned on opening it but did for her. a quick in and out of the attic found us in the riverside bedroom. we were talking about the builder of the house putting the hot water tank in the attic, an unheated area, and how i had moved it downstairs. i had to lean on the wall next to the window, i was weak and having a hard time breathing. "damn, did the walk up the stairs do this to me, or is it happening again?" i asked nancy. she had her hand over her chest and told me,"i didn't want to say anything, but i feel it too."

Sunday, February 20, 2005


here we go. if you've been anxiously waiting for the next installment, i've gotta say, me too. i really didn't have anything to report after last saturdays visit from michigan paranormal investigations. nothing really happened, at least for me, or my wife corda who stayed with the group of 6 from 5:00 untill 8:00 p.m.. we heard many weird things from the rooms that the groups of 3 had shut themselves into, but when they changed rooms, or took a break, i was told that they were not a medium and they would have to examine the tapes to tell me what had happened. honest. i'm really beginning to hate these people. where i come from, here, harsens island, we see what we see and we hear what we hear, and that's that. i'm not use to being told that i will have to wait 10 days to be told what people see or hear in the next room.
anyway, here's what we heard. doves coo'ing for a long time, half hour anyway. and we heard screaming, a lot of screaming from the upstairs, only sounding far away. then the very loud scream followed by, "o.k. let's rap it up now". corda peeked at their notes. i would never do such a thing, myself, but am very thankful for any help in such areas. pennies falling on steps, is what she read. but after the group left we found no pennies on the stairs.
so we come to tonight. the world reknown psychic/medium tana hoy staying with us, accompanied by terry king, on her 2nd visit, and a wonderful couple from ohio. we met at sans souci casual bar and had dinner. i found mr hoy to be a very ingaging conversationalist. we talked of many things until terry asked how the house was feeling today? "active," i replied, "but, it seems, in a good way". alex and i had been to the townhaus early in the morning to pump the water out from under the house that collects during a thaw. i set the pump up and went in to get a fire going before bringing al from the van. it was very cold, and the heat had been at 40 degrees all week in the house. when i first walked in the door i heard the smoke alarm in the stairwell going off. i looked up the stairs and saw no smoke, and wondered if the house knew i was coming to start a fire and was anticipating my filling the house up with smoke, like i usually do when getting a fire going, or if the battery was going dead, or if maybe it was just a commentary on my fire building skills, or lack thereof? whatever the reason it continued for the 20 minutes it took to get a good fire going. the floors were still too cold to take my boots off and to walk the ledge in the stairwell to the smoke detector. so i yelled at the stairway,"what do ya want? knock it off!". and the smoke detector shut off. oh, there was a weak beep, beeeep that dribbled from the speaker as i went back into the livingroom, but that was the end of it.
mr. hoy thought that i might be a distraction, and asked if i minded just letting them in, and leaving? no, i'd been told before that as the "caretaker", i may have a calming influence on the house, so i didn't mind too much. i had hoped to be there when tana hoy contacted the spirits to answer the many questions that multiply daily, concerning the house, but would be just as happy with the answers to a few questions, secondhand. i looked terry king in the eyes and said, "you know what i want. i want to know who's there, why are they there, and what do they want from me?". "and don't make me wait 10 days before tellin me." i walked the four through the house giving up what information i knew, gave a few last minute instructions, and the conversation drifted to health, a passion of mine. as i rattled off a few of my favorite remedys i felt the hairs stand up all over my body. i was standing on the stair landing at the entrance to the large upstairs bedroom, tana was leaning on the closet to my left. i finished my thoughts on cleanses and said," i think you're in for an interesting night. i am somewhat in tune with the house, and something is about to happen." i leaned over to tana and whispered, "can you feel it?" he touched my arm and said yes.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


as soon as the kids showed up they jumped on the computer to see the times herald story piks of the house. i think we are up to 9 faces in the mist now, one of which is also in the livingroom paneling. i told them how to protect themselves, and off we went to beautiful downtown sans souci. i felt like i was being watched from the house from a few blocks away, not a good feeling. flung open the door with my usual cheery "hi. we're home", and we walked in. everyone, amy, two of her girlfriends and a couple boys, took off their shoes and began cautiously milling around. when amy went upstairs i followed closely. she's been having dreams about the house lately. one where she is pulled up the stairs and into the riverside room by thousands of hands. in the other she is standing at the top of the stairs when she is pulled through the wall into the attic. this is where michiana ghost society documented the hider(the 7 foot shadow that lives in the attic), disappearing into the wall. except for the time they had the stationary camera set up at the edge of the landing. that time the hider flew up the stairs, stopped dead, in front of the camera, then turned the other way flying through the wall and the cupboards on the otherside of the stairwall. pans went flying raising a awful noise. i stood within arms reach of amy as she stood just inside of her old bedroom, feet from the stairwell landing, and the wall in her dream. "there it is" she gasped, "it's right next to me". then she began to shake and cry, i grabbed her and pulled her back from the landing, i wrapped my arms around her telling her that it was o.k. everything was o.k. she pushed me away and in a voice that wasn't quite hers' yelled "you ruined it! something was going to happen and you ruined it"
i felt a feeling in my stomach like i was really hungry and my stomach was really empty, then it started to hurt, bad. i said "oooooooo my stomach hurts", and amy said hers did too, so did stans, amys' boyfriend. we were seeing orbs and shadows all the time now, the kids went into the riverside upstairs bedroom, and i went downstairs to rest and get my stomach to settle down. was guessing it was something i ate for dinner because the pain was like a gas pain. amanda came downstairs with me, she had brought a rosary and said she felt safe beside me. we watched shadows flit about the downstairs 'till i felt strong enough to go back up. we went back into the river room in total darkness, the rest of amy's friends were sitting on the bed looking into the open attic door. "look" amy whispered, there were orbs dancing around in the attic. stan was just on the floor and there was a white lite around him, he said his toes and fingers were tingling and we made him get up here with us on the bed, and his outline was still sitting crosslegged on the floor. the stomach ache returned as the cold spots moved through the group. i said so and all but amanda were experiencing the same thing. they described it as being stabbed in the guts. i talked them into leaving and we went back downstairs. i had to go outside. the weakness and pain were too much. after maybe 5 minutes the pain in my left side eased enough to go see what the kids were doing. they were back upstairs sitting together on a bed in amys' old room. they were all quite excited about all the orbs and shadows and temperature changes they were experiencing. i asked about the pain and they all still had it. i got them back downstairs, i had tried enveloping all of us in a white light to protect us and again i was drained, i had to sit down and the pains had moved up my left side to my chest. i went back out and leaned back against the van and looked at the sky and the house's roof line. 10 minutes, 15 minutes? my head was cold, i pulled my hood up and wondered what the kids were doing, and if they were safe. the chest pains had receeded back to my guts that felt as though they were being twisted. i still wanted to believe it was gas, but why did it lessen when outside? i hadn't farted, burped or even felt gas bubbles moving, i went back inside. they were taking piks at every cold spot. they posed in the kitchen and i took the pik. i said "sayyyyyyy timmi!", took the pik and saw a shadow run from behind the kids across the wall. can't wait to see that pik. i made my rounds checking everything that i always check before leaving and found the attic door open. i pushed it shut and it pushed back. the kids had been on the bed watching the door open and close over and over again. i pushed it closed again, it pushed back, harder. i threw the door open really expecting to find one of amys' friends and there was no one.
i had just gotten home, when amy called, she had a scratch like a fish hook on her back. on the ferry stan had said his stomach was burning, they turned on the cars interior light to see a welt across his stomach like he had been slapped. he later found a rash where he had been tingling. i am going have to start limiting the amount of time i'm spending at the townhaus, it is just too exhausting.


the next morning i was up early, corda had to work at 9, so at 8:00 the 3 of us left, al and i in the van. we stopped at weavers market, waved at corda as she drove by, picked up a couple newspapers, and smelled the doughnuts. mike had just pulled a rack out to the counter. nobody home. not a suprise, and somewhat of a releif. al waited in the van while i did a walk through of the house. nothing, not a sign of anyone spending the night. i did turn the heat down and found a cell phone behind the woodstove. a hasty exit? well, i had called mikes cell phone before leaving this morning. just so as not to suprise them coming so early to the house, and got his voice mail. we went up to the sans souci casual bar for breakfast, a look at the paper and this phone. another great b'fest thanks to alice. after the 1st story in the port huron times herald, she had confided in me that they too had a spirit in their house. al sold 18 boxes of girl scout cookies, 6 to mike sauer, who told me that his brother bobby, dead for a couple years now, was bothering their sister and her family. so much so that they had asked him to leave. i get more ghost stories now then i got pollock jokes growing up in the 60's named kowalski. the jokes got old quick, but the stories come with a chill, everytime.
later on sunday amy called and we talked for quite awhile. she asked if her friends could stay at the townhaus and i said no, but if they wanted to see the house i'd go over there with them. "tomorrow" she asked? "yes" i said hoping they wouldn't come. i took a big ole nap monday afternoon and was feeling like going to band practice at 7ish when amy called. her mother told her i had forgot about practice and we would have to call it off. somehow amy talked corda into taking her and her friends over there, and was on the way to the island. not wanting al to be there at night i reluctantly agreed to take the kids. that would leave corda home with alex, i'd missed the last 20 practices, one more wouldn't hurt.


michiana ghost society made their 3rd visit to the harsens island haunted house this last saturday. i'm having a hard time wording this. not wanting to have it sound like they, well,,,,,,,,ran out the door 13 minutes after arriving, but, that's what happened. the 2 days previous to their 3rd visit i had done some work at the townhaus(the family name for the house) and had, what seems to be a new experience. my energy was drained from me. the longer i spent upstairs the weaker i got. it was bad. the 1st day the news had reported bad air quality due to the fog that had been hanging around for a few days. sounded good to me. it had to be the reason i was breathing so hard. i came downstairs, sat down in the livingroom and rested for a half hour before closing up the house and leaving. the 2nd day, the same thing happened. i was working in the attic crawl space where the m.g.s. teams' medium had said the duffel bag related to the haunting would be found. some of the insulation had been knocked down and some buckets moved that were under roof vents. it exhausted me. crawling out into the large bedroom i thought about lying down for just a minute. just to catch my breath. but there was ole tom avers, friend, master boat builder, and dead many years telling me that if i layed down i wouldn't be getting back up. could've been my imagination, tom had told me those words many years ago when we were discussing painting the bilge in my 1953 chris craft holiday. i crawled to my feet and leaned against the stairwall making my way down to the couch. 45 minutes passed before i could get up and go home.
m.g.s. got to harsens island late this visit, around 8 o'clock. andy told me, when they pulled into the driveway he felt something was wrong. the team of 4 went into the house, andy upstairs, the other 3 downstairs. andy said that he heard, "we're getting some really weird shit on the camera down here." then, "we're out of here". andy came down to find the downstairs empty and the other 3 haunt hunters standing in the front yard. they showed andy the face on the camera and the group, after driving 7 hours to get here, getting 2 speeding tickets on the way, and spending 13 minutes in the harsens island haunted house they had purchased for the night, left and started the long drive back to indiana.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Harsens Island Haunted House in the News!

The Port Huron Times Herald ran an article today all about the 177 Williams Street Haunted House. There are audio files and a photo slide show you can click on.

Believe It or Not - Top bid gets ghost hunters into home
By JOSEPH DEINLEIN Port Huron Times Herald

photo by Beverly WilkensUpstairs, in the house at 177 Williams St...

After running from the bedroom at the top of the stairs, Morris, a medium (or psychic), and other members of the Michiana Ghost Society discovered a long scratch mark running from the base of her neck to the small of her back. Several smaller scratches were below it, near her waist.

Click here to read the entire story!


Thursday, February 03, 2005


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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


paranormal prejudice, who would've thought? can't borrow a water tank to get water to townhaus because something may go back with it. but you can't expect what you never would've seen coming. ya it's a double negative but, it works. personally, i went though a lot of changes since hearing of the scratching. my first thought was, close the place up. i never intended or even guessed that anyone would get hurt. and we're talking about only the second nite that anyone has visited the house in more than a year. whats going to happen on the third, forth, fifth visit? being totally lost and not knowing where to turn for advice, i raised the minimum bid to 10,000 dollars. i figured this would at least give me time to re-think the whole thing. i really at this point wanted to close up the house and let it sit for awhile.
hadn't heard from andy, the president of michiana ghost society and needed to. the three friends i told my problem to that morning all said the same thing. i had to let people into the house if they wanted to go. the paper was just about to release it's story of saturday night with michiana ghost society, harsen's island news had the house front page. the island was a buzz.
guess i'm the perfect caretaker. can't hear, have been goin deaf for years, and can't see a thing up close. when in the house the noises i do hear are indistinguishable. really not sure if i heard anything or what i heard. the things that i see out of the corner of my eye are always there at the townhaus. thought it was normal. it's only in spending more time at the townhaus that i've noticed i don't see anything out of the corner of my eyes here, or anywhere else, for that matter.
i think it was the e-mail from the lady from alaska, or, i made up my mind at the same time, but when i logged on to the computer the question was, " i was just about to bid, i can't afford 10,000. are you going to go back to the 100 dollar opening bid?"
"yup. never figured it any other way", to quote john wayne in rio bravo. got onboard, going to ride this train 'till she run out of track.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


got the water workin bout 2 in the afternoon, i realize this doesn't mean spit to most folk, but to an islander, the quest for water is paramount.and to have your water freeze twice in one winter, well that's just not right. michiana ghost society showed at about 2 o'clock. i rounded up my granddaughter and her friend, took some piks of the girls with my DSC-350 D-Link digital camera. i take piks everytime i go to the house, now, and got ready to leave.
i was so relieved to get the water working, to have the guests back from m.g.s. in the house, and comfortable. except for the chill. 3 of the party expressed how cold it was, how cold they were, and 1 of them, how warm my hands were. the house was 75 degrees, and not at all cold. but they were moving lots of equipment in and had the door open while load after load was brought out of the vehicles and into the house. relief is the best way to describe how i felt as i headed back to the flats.
the night was uneventful, i slept well until 3:00 a.m. when i woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. i had tried calling mike from m.g.s. 3 times. we we're cut off the first time i called and was unable to get a connection after that. i got back to town at 11:30, and no one was there. cleaned up, did some checking around and was shocked to find that 500 gallons of water were gone from the tank. one of the attic doors upstairs wasn't on so i put it back in place and as i hit the stairlanding i saw 3 orbs circling my head. i stopped amazed. walking down the stairs i saw 1 shoot past me. i got to the bottom of the stairs, laughed and went back up. another, or the same, orb flew past me again going up the stairs. i have never seen an orb with my naked eye before and have only recently found orbs in our home movies from the townhaus. well i found no leaks to explain the missing water, and closed the house up.
it was early evening when mike from michiana ghost society returned my calls. he asked if i had heard about the scratching? "no, i've heard nothing, what happened?", i asked . he said, that right after they got there one of them heard voices telling them, "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no". they heard footsteps running up and down the stairs, twice. then they heard sniffling on the stairs. one of the women with the party went up the stairs and "felt" a little boy on the stairs. 2 of the party were "brushed" and 2 were"touched on the back". they saw a round black shadow on the wall at the top of the stairs.
the times herald stayed untill 2:00 a.m. m.g.s. took 900 piks, and one of their party was scratched on the back, 3 claw marks that drew blood and left welts.

part 4

we're getting ready for michiana ghost societys' second visit, this saturday. the problem with the waterline is ongoing. went to replace the heat tape that absolutely wouldnt work. corda watched as i repeatedly closed the contact point that lights up the heat tape. nothing happened, the tape had to have burned up. until i brought out another piece of tape to replace the bad one. then the burned out tape began working. checked it today and it's still working.. as of friday night, rite now, as far as i know it's still froze. i'll go check it out in the morning. m.g.s.said they'd be showing around noon. here's what andy sent me from their last stay.
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 04:01:47 +0000

Sorry you didn't my last email. We did get 14 evps(voice) 29 orbs throughout the house. We did make contact with 3 spirits. One was a 4 year old boy who was hit my a car in front of the house. Another was a woman who did not live or die in the house, but said she worked there. The other spirit would not give up any details except she hurt. There are not any evil spirits there, but one is a nasty one. Let me know if you get this email. Thanks.

In a message dated 1/26/2005 12:09:31 PM US Eastern Standard Time, writes:

i talked to andy a couple nites ago and this is what happened.he's talking to a medium from london ontario that is one of the mediums that wouldnt come to the townhaus because they said it was in a bad area. she says that "the hider" wants to know who was wearing red? andy says that he was wearing a red jacket. the hider asks if he was wearing a red hat? andy says he was. the hider asks if he would wear the hat when he comes back. now if this doesnt give you the chills, imagine being in andy's shoes. called out by a spirit through a medium in canada thats talking to andy in indiana about a house on harsens island michigan and the spirits that are there. this medium has never been to my house.and i don't know her and have never talked to her although i would like to. from what i've been able to get. the hider is the 7 foot shadow that we see daily in the house. it hides in the attic. i was talking to my son that spent some time living in that room, yesterday, he said that he woke up nose to nose with a face of an old man. he pulled the covers over his head. he also said that the attic door flew open and the shadow chased him out of the room. "dad", he said, "don't you remember me telling you that every morning my covers and blankets would be under the bed"?. he heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and the footsteps coming into the room and would pull the covers over his head. we, sitting in the livingroom would hear the footsteps coming down the stairs, look up and see the shadow going across the kitchen towards the front door. we were sure that it was terry, our oldest son. the room upstairs on the riverside was his from the time we moved in. after he moved out we got suspicious. everynight we would hear the footsteps coming down the stairs, see the shadow cross the kitchen. we even checked to see if terry had been coming in the window and leaving by the front door that we never heard open after the shadow crossed the kitchen. can't wait for tomorrow night.

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